The Arts Society Grantham
The Society’s recent trip to Barcelona Here are some photographs from the November trip to Barcelona.  The photographs are grouped on visits, plus some extra ones which hopefully capture the atmosphere of Barcelona.  If you have any photographs for visits missed off this page please send them to me, Janet Groome, at and I will add them.
Barcelona and the hotel
Thursday 2 November Tour of Barcelona and visit to Gaudi’s House and Parc Guell
Followed by a visit to see the outside of Sagreda Familia, Gaudi’s great unfinished work, due to be completed, a 100 years after his death, in 2027.
Some people went into Sagrada Familiar.  Others visited different sites.  We went to San Paul, the Art Nouveau Hospital that has now become a UNESCO World Heritage site, it links with humanitarian and medical organisations involved in health and education around the world.  There are 9 beautifully period buildings on the site decorated with tiles, sculpture, stain glass etc, including operating theatres, pharmacy, wards and the rather interesting under ground tunnels linking the 9 buildings, which have ‘ghosts’ moving along the corridors with you - unsettling (see photos).